Parish History

Saint Mar Gregorios of Parumala stayed for a week in Bombay in February 1895 on His Grace’s way to Jerusalem. This was a significant event and a forerunner of the shape of things to come. At the turn of the century, lured by employment prospects and business opportunities, the members of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians, began to migrate to Bombay. As the members of the community increased, the necessity of a worshiping place and a priest to look after the spiritual needs of the community was very much felt. As a result of the initiative taken by some prominent members of the community, the Rev. Fr. Thomas Kottathuvilla, the then vicar of the Orthodox Syrian Church, Allepey, visited Bombay and celebrated Hoy Qurbana in St. Mary’s Church, Parel, on 23rd May 1943. A meeting was held on that day at which an adhoc committee with Mr. P.M Mathew and Mr. K.M. Thathunny as Joint Secretaries was set up to examine the possibility of a Parish in Bombay.
Cathedral Elevation
On 27th February 1944, a General Body Meeting was held at Byculla YMCA under the Presidentship of His Grace Mar Thoma Dionysius at which the findings of the adhoc committee were presented and a new committee with Mr. K.M. Philip, President, Mr. P. M. Mathew, Secretary Mr. M.E. Cherian Joint. Secretary and Mr. V.K. Thomas, Treasurer was appointed. Upon the request to His Holiness Moran Mar BaseliusGeevarghese II, the Catholicos of the East, the late Rev. Fr. P. M. Philipose was appointed as the first Vicar of the newly formed Parish by His Grace Alexios Mar Therdosius, O.I.C, the first Metropolitan of the Parishes outside Kerala. Fr. Philipose arrived in Bombay on 26th May 1944 and celebrated Holy Qurbana from Sunday the 28th May 1944 onwards at the St. Peter’s Church, Mazagaon, by the generosity of the Bishop of Bombay and the Cowley Fathers. This arrangement continued till our Church was built and consecrated on 9th December 1951. Fr. P. M. Philipose served and organized the Parish on a token remuneration from 28th May 1944 to 1st April 1945. He was succeeded by the late Rev. Ft. T.I. Joseph in May 1945. Since 1945 keeping in view of the growth of the parish the General Body of the Parish at its meeting held on 7th January 1945 appointed a Church Building Committee for the Purpose with Late Mrs. Achamma John Mathai, as its Chairperson, Mr. M.E. Cherian as its convener. Late Mr. T. Mathew was appointed as convener in place of Mr. M. E. Cherian relinquishing his post on his transfer from Bombay. Mr. T. Mathew deserves a special mention for the work he rendered to the Parish in various capacities till he left for his eternal rest on 19th August 1979.
Under the inspiring leadership of the Vicar, Rev. Fr. T. I. Joseph and Mrs. Achamma John Mathai, Chairperson a fund raising drive was launched in the month of July 1945. The Building committee then focused its attention to secure a suitable plot and through the efforts of Mrs. Achamma John Mathai, the Bombay Municipal Corporation, agreed to give on lease a plot of land at 171 Naigaum Estate, Dadar, Bombay. The Building Committee was registered under the Society’s Registration Act in the name of The Orthodox Syrian Church Building Society on 2nd April 1947 as the legal body.
Inside Cathedral
The construction of a small parsonage was started in December 1949 and it was completed in February 1950.Fr. T. I. Joseph moved to the newly built parsonage. He was succeeded by Rev. Fr. T. G. Koshy, and under his inspiring leadership the construction of the church building was started in 3rd May 1951 and the building was completed in December 1951.The consecration of the St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church was solemnized on Sunday the 9th of December 1951 by the late His Holiness Moran Mar BaseliusGeevarghese II of the blessed memory, assisted by the late lamented His Grace Mar Thoma Dionysius and a host of clergy. Distinguished personalities like the Governor of Bombay, and a large gathering attended the holy ceremony. The event was a land mark in the history of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians of Bombay.
Inside Cathedral
Since the old Church building had outlived its estimated life, the members of the Parish decided to rebuild the Church. The Foundation stone for the new Church building with adequate space for worship, Priest Quarters, A Free Charitable Dispensary and other social activities was laid on Sunday 22nd April 1984 by our beloved Diocesan Metropolitan His Grace TheophilusPhilipos, along with His Grace Geeverghese Mar Osthathios, Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese. The construction of the building was prayerfully started under the inspiring and mature leadership of Late Rev. Fr. C.C. Geevarghese, the Vicar and ably assisted by Rev. Fr. PauloseAdai. The project received the blessings of His Holiness the Catholicos, His Grace the Diocesan Metropolitan and the whole hearted support of all the Parish members, as one entity.
The St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church is celebrated diamond jubilee in the year 2009. On 18 Jan 2009 His Holiness Moran Mar BaseliusMarthomaDidymos I, seventh Catholicos of the East in Malankara issued a kalpana elevating this historical first Church of the Malankara Orthodox Christians of Mumbai to a Cathedral. The BavaThirumeni’skalpana was read by H.G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos (Metropolitan, Bombay Diocese), in the presence of H. G Paulose Mar Pachomios (Metropolitan, Mavelikara Diocese), H. G. Zacharias Mar Theophilus ( Metropolitan, Malabar Diocese) during the Tri Mass celebrated on the same day.
CHURCH SERVICES HOLY QURBANA Sunday : 07.00 AM (1st service) 09.30 AM (2nd service) (2nd Sunday of every month 2nd service in English at 08:30 AM) Friday: 06.00 PM On Obligatory days: 07.00 AM INTERCESSORY PRAYER Tuesday: 06.30 PM Evening Prayer & Intercessory Prayer to St. Mary Friday: 05.30 PM Evening Prayer, Holy Qurbana and Intercessory Prayer to Parumala Mar Gregorios.
At present Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas serving as the Vicar and Rev. Fr. Jubin Thomas serving as the Asst. Vicar.

Vicars of our Parish

Name Period
Rev. Fr. P. M. Philipose 1944 - 1945
Rev. Fr. T. I. Joseph 1945 - 1951
Rev. Fr. T. G. Koshy 1951 - 1954
Rev. Fr. V. J. Gabriel 1954 - 1956
Rev. Dr. P. C. Eapen 1956 - 1957
Rev. Fr. K. G. Thomas 1957 - 1958
Rev. Fr. V. C. George 1958 - 1959
Rev. Fr. K. K. Punnose 1959 - 1961
Rev. Fr. A. C. Koshy 1962 - 1965
Rev. Fr. C. V. John 1966 - 1974
Rev. Fr. K. A. George 1974 - 1975
Rev. Fr. T. A. Jacob 1975 - 1976
Rev. Fr. C. C Geevarghese 1976 - 1987
Rev. Fr. T. C. Mathai 1987 - 1989
Rev. Fr. P. M. Thomas 1988 - 1990
Rev. Fr. M. T. Easow 1991 - 1993
Rev. Fr. Mathew Abraham 1994 - 1995
Rev. Fr. Koshy Plamoottil 1995 - 1999
Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Thannikot 1999 - 2002
Rev. Fr. Yaunan Mulamootil 2002 - 2005
Rev. Fr. Thomas Kurian June to October 2005
Rev. Fr. Koshy Alex November 2005 to 2008
Rev. Fr. Jiji K. Thomas 2009 - 2012
Rev. Fr. P.C. Thomas 2012 - 2015
Rev. Fr. Thomas Myalil 2015 - 2018
Rev. Fr. Scaria Varghese 2018 - 2021
Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas 2021 - Present

Asst. Vicars of our Parish

Name Period
Rev. Fr. M. T.Easow 1959 - 1962
Rev. Fr. T. C. Mathai 1962 - 1963
Rev. Fr. P. M. Mathews 1963 - 1966
Rev. Fr. K. A. George 1964 - 1965
Rev. Fr. M. K. Mathai 1966 - 1970
Rev. Fr. O. V. Elias 1966 - 1970
Rev Fr. V. M. Kuriakose 1968 - 1970
Rev. Fr. C. J. George 1969 - 1970
Rev. Fr. K. C. Mathew 1970 - 1977
Rev. Fr. C. J. Punnoose 1970 - 1974
Rev. Fr. Abraham Iype Mangat 1970 - 1977
Rev. Fr. A. M. Job 1970 - 1972
Rev. Fr. George Panakamattom 1972 - 1976
Rev. Fr. Joseph Mankidi 1977 - 1978
Rev. Fr. M. J. Yaunan 1977 - 1984
Rev. Fr. C. M. Philipose 1978 - 1980
Rev. Fr. T. P. Mathew 1977 - 1980
Rev. Fr. Paulose Adai 1980 - 1988
Rev. Fr. P. J. James 1988 - 1989
Rev. Fr. K. P. Philip 1988 - 1989
Rev. Fr. Koshy Alex 1989 - 1993
Rev. Fr. M. S. Geevarghese 1994 - 1998
Rev. Fr. Varghese Yohannan 1998 – 2001
Rev. Fr. Mathew Thannimoottil 2001 - 2004
Rev. Fr. Scaria Varghese 2004 - 2007
Rev. Fr. Joshua Abraham 2007 – 2010
Rev. Fr. Koshy George 2010 - 2013
Rev. Fr. Kurien Baby 2013 - 2016
Rev. Fr. Basil Kuriakose 2016 - 2020
Rev. Fr. Jubin Thomas 2020 - Present